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Silver Odyssey introduces a new concept in Art, based on 3D/4D/5D and kinetic style Phuturistic-Art


Art-Auras, sacred geometry, lift the energy vibration. 

Light-Box art pieces are designed to delve deep, inspire your soul and transport you to a higher level of consciousness.


'Slashed' + Grace Jones 'The Rhythm'


This piece by Dijon Heirlehy using original 1985 negatives from Karen Bystedt, rips apart the image of the guitarist Saul Hudson “Slash”,

prompting the viewer to question whether the cult of personality is found in the image, the media representation or the person.


The viewer is reminded of Cynthia Freeland’s notion of “Portraits and Persons” (2010). According to Freedland a portrait is

“a representation or depiction of a living being as a unique individual possessing a recognisable physiological body with an inner life...”


Dijon's works have been displayed internationally including Paris, Berlin, Miami, Los Angeles and at The Royal College of Art in London.

He is a member of the Royal Academy and the Royal Philosophical Society.

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