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Brayden Bugazzi


Brayden  Bugazzi's passion for art starts with his camera and an x-acto knife. Having lived through hardships and successes that are native to artistry, his passion for telling a story is seen in his work,

 and in the environment in which it was created. 

Brayden Bugazzi portray a dialogue in which greater depth is interpreted; such as an aerial view of a whole city in comparison to the story of a single street corner, everything is connected.

To offer a full 360 art experience, Brayden creates unique frames from scratch in order to showcase his  Multi-Dimensional pieces. 


Lena Davidoff 


Lena  Davidoff is a Beverly Hills native fashion photographer based in New York City.  Featured in Vogue, at Art Basel Miami and has won numerous awards, It is without a doubt that Lena has something different to offer to the fashion /art world.

Her latest piece entitled "The Blue Wall" by Retna offers a forward and edgy look into fashion,

and showcases and how fashion is truly an art and a way of life.

















Karen Bystedt


Karen Bystedt photographed Andy Warhol at the “Factory” while she was a student at NYU. Having enrolled Andy on the phone to sit for her as a male model, Bystedt arrived with her rented Hasselblad for the shoot. After putting away the negatives for 28 years, Bystedt retrieved 10 of her negatives in the fall of 2011 from an old corrugated box in a garage in Los Angeles.


Bystedt created a gorgeous Hand Made Linen Embossed Limited Edition Box Set presented for the first time by SILVER ODYSSEY at Soho House, West Hollywood.


Luke Strode


Luke has been an artist his whole life. Though he might not have known it in his early years, his path was bound to be creative, and only recently has his art transferred to canvas and Oil Painting.


Luke's passions and creative gifts for singing, dancing and acting have been the driving force in his life, and his unique vision and artistic expression has never been the norm. With a humble beginning, Luke shares some

of his vision with others in hopes of inspiring everyone who comes across it.




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