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Charlie Elms  "10 Years Time"

Collage Artist | Art Director | Graphic Designer from Kent, London

Limited edition signed prints. Genuine vivera pigmented Light fast fade resistant ink.











Dijon Hierlehy


Dijon’s work is focused on the interaction of light as the basic condition of the perceptive human experience.

Within this he also looks at the questions of belief, ranging from money, to science and spirituality

and the ideas that we cling to. 


Before coming to art, Dijon worked as a lightening designer, where he developed a unique method of Light-Box Art

LED lights and iridescent lighting gels which gives the viewer an effect called scintillation, similar to the way that stars twinkle in the night sky. In his creation of the Light-Boxes, he intends to fascinate the viewer, inviting them to question the concepts and how these beliefs affect their daily lives..


Again-jelly fish 50cm x 70cm.jpg
Garden of england- 50cm x 70cm.jpg
Surfing Bridget Riley 40 x40cm .jpg


Moussa Sanogo


Born in Paris in 1979, his family comes from the Ivory Coast, West Africa. One of 14 siblings, his grandmother was a painter of tribal images, which greatly influenced his style and taste. He became a model at first, starting out in Paris at the tender age of 18, becoming the face of Paul Smith for 4 years and working with the likes of John Galliano, Paul & Joe and Wunderkind amongst many others.

This world of fashion with its strong emphasis on beauty and iconic status played heavily into the psyche, so that as an artist, these concerns are dominant in his imagery, technique and choices of bright, almost garish colour palette.


Coupled with this fashion influence is his fascination with iconic cartoons, where entertainment and humour are mixed with the devious and darker side of childish dreams. 


Moussa Sanogo has exhibited his work all over the world. His biggest collector so far is the the music icon Grace Jones who has acquired more than 30 pieces of his works and continues to be a passionate supporter. This entire collection purchased by Grace Jones is to be exhibited at the V&A.



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