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Moussa Sanogo - Grace in the Ring  (2015) Measurements: 122 x 90 cmMedia: Spray paint, acrylicMoussa SanogoGrace Jones Series 2015 - spray paint, acrylicGrace is an important part of Moussa's journey with his art and music. She is not only a mother figure to him but also a great inspiration due to what she has achieved within the world of fashion, music and film. He feels her accomplishments as a black girl from Jamaica are immeasurable. Grace in the Ring is about her struggle and fight to become the icon that she is. The Hula Hoop Jones pieces come from when Moussa saw her first live performance. She used the hula hoop and it displayed to him her amazing and enigmatic stage energy, it is a strong image that has stayed with him.

Moussa Sanogo - Grace in the Ring

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