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Moussa Sanogo - Nefarious Queen (2015) Measurements: 122 x 90 cmMedia: Spray paint, acrylicSnow White series 2015In these pieces Moussa is confronting his issue with the behaviour of women who act too much upon their sexuality. He feels a brutal conflicting confusion where he perceives a women should display her femininity and sexuality but not act on it in a way that is disrespecting to herself. Coming from West Africa where women tend to be more respectful of their bodies he has struggled with the way western women can conduct themselves. Therefore he has has taken a character, Snow White, famous for her purity and virtue, removed her chastity and replaced it with a wild seductress. She has become corrupted by her wicked stepmother and no longer retains the innocence that she is known for. He feels this is a representation of how easily women are influenced by the environment in which they live.

Moussa Sanogo - Nefarious Queen

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