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Moussa Sanogo - Star night baby (2015) Measurements: 122 x 90 cmMedia: Spray paint, acrylicKirikou series 2015These pieces are of an importance to Moussa and his African background and his great love of cartoons. He feels that in the western world there are many iconic cartoon characters but in Africa there are very few, Kirikou is therefore a representation for African childhood. These paintings are almost a dedication to his ancestors and what they went through during slavery. By painting a famous African cartoon character he feels he is somehow keeping their spirit alive.  In Stars Night Baby Kirikou is watching the stars at night from the African Island of Goree (the house of the slaves).  He feels the image of the Kirikou baby depicts how the slave masters forced many babies to made in order to increase their number of slaves. Unblemished is a painting representing the sadness and brutality of nature.

Moussa Sanogo - Star night baby

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